cmefThe Council of Microfinance Equity Funds(CMEF) is the first membership organization bringing together the leading private entities that make equity investments in microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the developing world. The Council’s members seek both social and financial returns from their investments in these institutions, all of which provide a range of financial services to poor households in developing countries.   
The Council’s purpose is:

1) to articulate and disseminate the knowledge and expertise about equity investing in microfinance of the Council’s members among themselves and to other MFI stakeholders

2) to present guidelines and principles for effective investment in MFIs

3) to conceive a future strategy for the role of investment capital in microfinance

Council members share a common vision of the vital role that equity investment plays in the development of MFIs.  The MFIs they invest in represent many of the pioneers in the field of microfinance. In order to be a member, an organization must be a private institution, seek both financial and social returns in microfinance investment, and hold more than one equity investment in microfinance.

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