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In its second year, Financial Inclusion Week expanded its reach and once again displayed how the financial inclusion community is engaged and working for better services for the un- and underserved.

We are excited to share an electronic magazine which captures the Week’s vibrant conversation.  In this roundup e-zine, we hope to capture the energy and insights of Financial Inclusion Week 2016. Inside, we share event photos and videos, and dive into the conversations of the week’s events, while highlighting the client perspective.

We are excited to share insights on this year’s theme, keeping clients first in a digital world. The Financial Inclusion Week conversation covered a breadth of topics and geographies – from the role of digital media in financial literacy in Nepal to the client protection risks associated with nano-loans in Rwanda. As we listened to the many conversations, two words showed up again and again. Throughout all of the perspectives shared, we observed that many stakeholders are looking to new digital channels to help them understand and engage clients.

As people conduct more and more of their economic lives digitally and the capacity of data analytics programs grows, financial service providers, governments, support organizations, and other stakeholders have more information than ever before on their customers. Many Financial Inclusion Week conversations explored how to use this information to better serve their clients, through better product design, better risk assessment, and more. Along with better understanding the needs of customers, many Financial Inclusion Week conversations underscored the importance of customer engagement. Engagement can take many forms, but the common thread is that better customer engagement is necessary when introducing new digital channels and products, and that it becomes much less costly through these digital channels as compared to other methods.

Check out the Financial Inclusion Week story in the e-zine to hear more from the conversations, along with insights from a selection of #FinclusionWeek blog posts.

We thank all of the Financial Inclusion Week partners and contributing organizations, and all of those who participated in the conversation either online or at in-person events.  We hope the conversation on keeping clients first in a digital world extends far beyond this year’s Financial Inclusion Week. It is clear that protected and empowered clients are the heart of a sustainable inclusive finance ecosystem.

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