quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can diagnose several issues that appear due to company files and multiple network corruption. Using this tool can bring lots of benefits to your working procedure. Also, with the robust inbuilt technology, you can easily run this tool. When lots of other troubleshooting solutions take our time, this dynamic tool adds more hours to the working procedure by scanning and removing all the malicious files that can lead to slow performance. Well, there are lots of other benefits too that we will explore together in this guide. So, just read it entirely and know what is all hidden in this dynamic tool. 

Well, the most disturbing and irritable errors like the H series and 6000 series can also get resolved with this one tool. Many of you might be involved in conducting several troubleshooting steps to settle the issue. Which could bring lots of trouble to your work and time. Now, just bid adieu to all these time-consuming efforts and welcome the dynamic and advanced Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool. This tool will provide you with every help in troubleshooting the issues. Just like Quickbooks file doctor, the interface of the tool is such that every user can use it easily. You do not have to go through so many technical terms. Just learn the basic way to use this tool and you are all ready to root out every problem from your system. Now, let’s learn more about the tool in the next section. 

A Deep Insight into Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

connection diagnostic tool

You may feel delighted to know that more than 10,000 people across the world use this vigorous tool. It helps to detect and fix the errors in a short span of time. Multiple environments can bring lots of trouble to Quickbooks applications when different users try to access the same QB file. But, for the tool, it is no other than a tiny issue. Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool resolves this too and regulates all the work hindered by the technical glitches. Intuit has developed the tool to meet the user’s requirements where they do not have to search around for troubleshooting. Just download and install this tool and let it do all the remaining tasks. 

You should know that QB software runs through Microsoft core components like the .NET framework, MSXML, and C++. If there arise any issues within them or they get missing then it leads to errors. If not solved earlier then there could arise many tragedies like database and damaging of company files. So, make sure to use this tool and prevent all other malicious technical glitches from appearing in your system. Now, we will learn how beneficial the tool can prove to be. So, don’t skip the part as it will enlighten you with other major advantages of the tool. 

Use the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and Witness these Benefits

Till now, we spoke about how commendable this software is. From its interface to its work, no one can say a negative thing about this tool. It comes as a rescuer for all the users who somehow entered into a tragic situation. With its awesome feature, you can enhance your work and thereupon the business growth. However, there are other benefits too which are explained in the list below. 

connection diagnostic tool

  • Every unexpected error that comes unusually can be easily resolved by the tool. 
  • Fix errors of multi-user environment in the Quickbooks desktop. 
  • Bring you closer to your tasks by saving time and effort consumed in conducting manual methods. 
  • At times, employees often add some entries that will not function due to improper updating. The connection diagnostic tool resolves this too. 
  • You often heard of the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool that is solely made for repairing issues that appear while installation of the software. This tool can also disguise the former one and repair those errors too. 

Some Points to Keep while Using this Tool 

  • If you want to run Quickbooks diagnostic tool then ensure to use the later Quickbooks’ versions 2008 on Windows 7, XP, or Vista.
  • While Quickbooks File Doctor can function only on Windows, this tool can run on mac. 
  • The tool also connects the company file and Quickbooks database server manager to fix all the issues that come in the shape of H series and 6000 series errors. 
  • Always use the updated software’s versions because it will resolve lots of errors with ease and comfortability. 

Kinds of Issues that can be Fixed by this Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

Rather than resolving the H series and 6000 series error, the tool can resolve many other issues such as:

  • Customer list and blank vendor on the Quickbooks software. 
  • Access to the Quickbooks database is denied. 
  • Corrupted or damaged Quickbooks company file. 
  • Improper configuration of windows firewall. 
  • Company files went missing.
  • And lots of other issues. 

At what time you should run Quickbooks Diagnostic Tool 

The user needs to run this tool in some situations which are given below:

  • When you encounter the error associated with the Windows firewall. 
  • If the files become corrupted or damaged. 
  • You find the issue associated with the Quickbooks database. 
  • Such errors like the 6000 series appear on the screen. 
  • In order to resolve the H series error that can also be termed as multi-user errors. 
  • System causing disturbance due to some virus effects. 
  • The tool also helps to resolve the issue related to the outdated entries 

Now, let’s learn how you can download this powerful tool on your device and use it to reduce the consequences of errors. 

Download Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool with these steps

The process to download the tool is not as hard as you thought. Just follow the steps given below and learn how you can easily conduct the entire process.

  • To initiate, just tap on the link that is associated with the download of the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool. 
  • Save the downloaded file into the system. 
  • Move towards the installer QBInstall_toolvs.exe and open it.  
  • Once done, close all the programs running in the background. 
  • Reboot the software now. 
  • Just ensure that the internet connection does not create any obstruction. 
  • Again, shut all the programs that are running. 
  • Now, try to install the tool. 

Move towards the next section to know how you can install this dynamic tool from the steps. 

Install Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool from these Steps

After downloading, you are required to conduct some more steps that will help you to install this tool. Move on towards the steps below and begin this process. 


  • Verify that your system does not have any version of the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool. 
  • Now, go to the OEM website and download this tool. 
  • When the icon displays, just tap on it twice. 
  • For installation procedures, follow the guidelines that are displayed on your screen. 
  • Hit the Next if you receive a text called “Welcome to the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool setup wizard.”

quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

  • Again hit Next.
  • Followed by selecting the Installation folder. 

quickbooks diagnostic tool

  • Tap on the I agree button. 
  • Just accept the agreement related to the license.

quickbooks diagnostic tool download

  • These steps help the Windows 10 users to configure the .NET framework. 
  • The tool will open automatically when the installation becomes completed.
  • When you cannot access the tool or it does not open then make sure to tap on the Quickbooks icon. 
  • Thereafter, tap on the directory which has the QB file. 
  • If there is a single-user environment then don’t use the option named Network Connectivity. 
  • Provide essential credentials like password and admin in this step. 
  • Hit OK. 
  • Select if you want to use the workstation PC or the host system. 
  • Just wait and settle there for some time till the tool starts and scan all the programs installed in your system. 

These Steps help you to Use Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

If you want to employ the tool then just jump on these steps that will help you in doing so.

  • Tap the Quickbooks icon in the first place. 
  • Make sure to not access the file that is corrupted.
  • Tap on Utilities and then select Repair.
  • Again, you need to tap but this time on Network Problems. 
  • If you receive a message then just hit the Yes button. 
  • You might provide permission related to the information of Quickbooks so don’t worry if you do not receive any kind of text. 
  • Once done with this process, move your cursor towards the folder used for storing the QB file. 
  • Now, try to search the corrupted folder and also access it. 
  • Tap Show Advanced Setting in the next step.
  • You will acknowledge a list on your computer screen. 
  • Just select the problem which really matters. 
  • Consequently, provide your password and login ID
  • Please use the correct credentials as it can deny you access to the QB file. 
  • In the final part, tap on Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. 

The interface of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

You can easily diagnose every error related to connection, firewall, or connectivity issues by learning about the different tabs. We have earlier mentioned that the tool contains an easy-to-use interface. Now, the time comes to know about it so that you can resolve the issue easily.   

Connection Tab

Connection Tab

The Connection tab informs you about the system setup. Also, it provides great relief in using the QB file not just from the single user but also from the multi-user mode. The tab with their different motives provides the user all the essential information which must be known to the application users so that they can perform better by keeping those results in mind. 

Firewall Status Tab

Firewall Status Tab

We all know how firewalls play a significant role in bringing all of the issues that can hinder the entire working procedure. It can disable some of the essential programs of the software and thus leads to so many hindrances. But you don’t have to be worried here, as this tab gives you proper information about the firewall of the computer

Test Connectivity Tab

Test Connectivity Tab

With the test connectivity tab, you can easily verify and scan the system’s connectivity. It brings you proper information related to the connection. At times, the connection fluctuates and thus carries lots of issues. But, those issues can be resolved once you get complete knowledge about them. 

These are the three tabs that will provide you all the relevant information regarding the issues. You don’t have to search here and there, just start the scanning procedure and you are all prepared to have this information. Now, let’s get into the another and last section of the post that will help you to examine your workstation’s connectivity. 

Steps to Examine or Test the System’s Connectivity

  • Move towards the QB File and tap on the nearest tab
  • It will help you to find your QB file. 
  • Ensure that the system is Linux. 
  • Just choose the checkbox named Modify Hosting Server.
  • When you don’t commence the connectivity test then you will see Not Applicable to every status. 
  • The status will show in green color when you run the test. 
  • The green color shows there is no threat and Red shows threat. 
  • Hit the Test Connectivity. 
  • The file in Red shows that the test is not successful. 
  • Move towards the Advanced section to examine all the things that were checked. 
  • Tap on what these mean now. 
  • When you find that the relevant status is resolved then just run the diagnostic tool again to examine additional issues. 
  • The text will prompt that you have done the process correctly. 
  • You can now do this procedure to all of your systems having Quickbooks software. 
  • Just wait till the procedure is going on. 
  • The process will commence soon. You just need to be aware here that the timing of the procedure totally depends on the size of the company file and the speed of the Internet. 
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Take Away!

With this, we are at the end of the article. Hope that the article has helped you a lot. From the entire post, you can now easily conduct and scan your file with the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool. We have tried to provide you with every relevant way to run the tool. However, if you still have some doubts and want to clear them then make sure to drop a comment. You can also contact the Quickbooks customer care team on call, email, and chat processes. Just don’t hesitate to ask your queries.