Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit 2023: Complete Analysis

Unsecured credit cards for bad credit are always in question with higher interest rates. However, they are reasonable when multiple times you don’t have enough sources or time to put collateral to get secured credit cards to meet your requirements. Meaning thereby, without putting in a security deposit, you can get your card in your hand. What really needs to be understood here is that you should be secure with higher and stable income sources to pay the debt or credit on time. Otherwise, it will heavily impact your credit score and create new hurdles in your financial lifestyle. We always recommend building your credit score.

On that note, If you have nothing to start, we are here to give you an idea of high-interest and low-credit score credit cards to achieve your target. So, let’s see more about it. 

What are Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit?

unsecured credit cards for bad credit

Unsecured cards for bad credit are for those who can’t pay a security deposit because of poor credit score/history. Moreover, your credit card application will be approved based on your income and repayment capabilities. In addition to replacing the security deposit, the card issuer will impose heavy interest rates, complicated borrowing terms, and other additional charges. However, you can get the credit amount to fix your emergency expenses. All in all, you have to act according to the card issuer, not you. He will decide your credit limit based on your creditworthiness.

Most of the time, you will face only application rejection, and if somehow you fetched the approved application, that will be a significant compromise with your money and negotiation rights. Yes, you will deal with the money only on the due statement. There is no fear of losing the collateral to hold secure credit cards. Unsecured credit cards are always good if you have a good or excellent credit score/credit history, but bad credit scores make it worse for the cardholders. Now, if you take any credit from the market, whether in the form of a loan or credit card, you should always try to repay the same on time to increase your credit score. 

That way! If you take even a secured credit card with collaterals or a secured deposit, you can convert that card into an unsecured credit card if the service provider facilitates this under its policy. The whole chunk of peaceful use of loans and credit cards is the credit scores. These three integers, “300 to 850,” can decide your financial future. So, unsecured credit cards are always better when you have a good credit score. A bad score is always a cause of concern or absolutely a burden on you except for settling your emergencies. 


  • No collateral required
  • Secured assets
  • Open-ended financing
  • Quick verification 
  • Only income and creditworthiness required
  • Credit history and credit score
  • Inform credit bureaus
  • Resolves financial crisis


  • Generates revenue to card issuer only
  • No savings from income
  • Higher interest rate
  • Risk
  • Bad terms and conditions for credit of line
  • The low or limited credit limit
  • Bad spending habits

Benefits of Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

There are multiple benefits of unsecured credit cards. One should always prefer choosing these cards. However, when bad credit adds to it, bad credit credit cards unsecured automatically become a problem. Let’s see some of the benefits of leaving bad credit aside. 

  • No Collateral Required

Like secured credit cards or loans, you don’t require collateral or a security deposit for approval. The application process or some basic details and documents are similar to secured cards. However, you will be eligible for unsecured cards based on your credit score and income-expense balance, not the amount you deposited in the card issuer’s bank account. All in all, you are safe with your assets and hard-earned money. However, you can be uncomfortable with higher interest rates and another additional fee. 

  • Asset for Settlement

If you haven’t given any asset to get the credit card because of bad credit or other reasons like being blacklisted, there is no fear of losing your asset for the loan settlement process. In almost all cases, the money lender or credit card issuer uses your collateral or asset when you have a delinquent account or become a defaulter. 

  • Approval Process

In most cases, the best Unsecured cards for bad credit applications get rejected because they don’t have any security to trust to invest in you again. Traditional banks or other credit groups solely rely on your credit history and score released by authorized credit bureaus and credit agencies. However, few fintech companies take a chance on these types of borrowers and rely on their income and repayment capabilities only. There are higher chances of approval if you give them the identity documents they want for your line of credit verification. 

  • Credit building

Credit Building

Once you get approved for unsecured cards for bad credit, you have one more chance to build your credit score. Manage the timely repayment of credit limit amount- If spent- with interest or other imposed charges on your due payment statement. Before giving any application, you should check whether the company informs your debt repayment performance to the credit agencies or bureaus. That information will help Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion to analyze and publish the credit report for proper monitoring from your side and making the required changes. 

  • Free Credit Score Report

Not all but most companies help you get a free credit report every month directly on their platform or in partnership with other service providers. You should ask the company about it before signing the acceptance letter for your credit card in response to application approval. You have bad credit, and no company is interested in investing in you so it is always better to check whether now you can secure your financial image in the market or not. That is possible when the company you deal with links its works with credit monitoring authorities. That is quite hard to find but it starts with you.

What is the Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards?

The signified difference between secured and unsecured credit cards is their security for the line of credit. Line of credit security is required in secured cards. On the contrary, you don’t have to choose a security deposit amount from the prescribed slot to get unsecured credit cards or even unsecured credit cards for bad credit. You can use your money by paying first to another in the secured card way. it is refundable, though.

difference between secured and unsecured credit card

The thing is the opposite with unsecured cards. Here you use others’ money to pay it later. That’s another thing that you repay or return with heavy interest or charges. No! A hefty interest rate is not the play of only unsecured cards because of bad credit or else. The company charges higher interest rates for secured cards also. Yes, credit score and company type and its features or your income sources and credit history are also the factors that work in the background.

Whatever you choose! The fundamental to leading in the game is timely repayment to establish good credit history and credit score for the best credit report. That is possible when you have a stable income to deal with the ups and downs of these cards in the form of the security deposit, collaterals, APR, cash advance charges, balance transfer APR and more. If you want to feel (Actually it is not!) a happy Say to play with your own money getting it from others’ pointers go for the Secured credit card. 

Contrary! Choose Unsecured credit cards when you can deal with evil and hectic terms and conditions, fearing sudden change also. Secured credit cards are convertible into unsecured cards. 

Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Let’s see some of the best Unsecured cards to tackle with your bad credit score or credit history. 

1. Credit One Bank Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit

This credit rebuilding card gives you a minimum $300 line of credit to revise your credit report statement. It comes with higher approval odds or an instant approval process with no security deposit like a secured credit card. However, the Credit One Platinum Visa card can’t go for annual fee-free services. As a consequence! You must pay $75 to $99 to utilize the card effectively. First-year, you have to pay $75. The charges will vary- subsequently. If you make eligible purchases, like gas, mobile phones, grocery stores, internet connection, and cable tv, you can earn 1% cashback.

Yes, that may be a little less, but you have to manage it because of your bad credit score between 300-669, based on which you qualified. Furthermore, the big turn is with your credit limit and annual fee link. The initial credit limit is $300, and the first-year annual fee is $75. Now have only $225 as your spending limit. If you have any issues with your credit limit, you can either choose another service provider or a secured credit card to increase the credit limit with a fixed security deposit, as you know that now well. 

Furthermore, you claim to pay 26.99% (variable) for your spending. That is quite high- so be ready to pay on time by spending under the approved limit. You can use a free online payoff calculator to understand the monthly amount arrangement from your income and expenses chain. Apart from these benefits, you can get cash advances from the card with a payoff of 26.99% APR. For the Foreign transactions fee, you need to pay either 3% or $1 (Whichever is greater). Follow our words and pay the bill before the due date- otherwise- you would have to lose a maximum of $39 from your wallet as a late fee. 


  • No security deposit
  • 1% cashback or rewards
  • Bad credit approval
  • Line of credit increase 
  • Credit building


  • Annual fee up to $100 
  • Higher APR
  • Deficient credit limit
  • Foreign transaction fee
  • Late fee 
  • Low cashback

2. Petal 2 Cash Back, No Fees Visa Unsecured Cards for Bad Credit

Petal 2 Cashback Credit Card

It is a good start for the overall management of your financial lifestyle. Petal 2, one of the best Unsecured credit cards for bad credit gives its services to limited or almost no credit people. Furthermore, it is comparably good to the last card with a 0$ annual fee because it will save you money though tiny. You can easily avoid security deposits with Petal 2 Cashback card, No fees Visa. The card applicant doesn’t require a perfect or excellent credit score. It can benefit even with 300-669 credit points. Once you cross the pre-approval process for this card, you can efficiently replace the burden of annual or monthly charges, late payments, programs fee, and foreign transaction charges. Instead, you can earn from 1-2% cashback or rewards on eligible purchases.

Not just that, you can even secure 2% to 10% cashback for selected merchant payments. The credit limit is a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $10000. So, you can retain that limit without any collateral and other payments. Only your credit score, income, repayment capability, or income proof will matter the most for the determination. You can make your mindset for this card because it is a fantastic choice for the overall growth of your money management system too. A balance transfer is not allowed. APR on purchases can be a negative point for you, with 16.74% to 30.74% just to secure your credit score or to deal with a financial crisis.

However, You can get other benefits by being 18 years of age, and an authorized resident of the USA. Apart from that, you would have to submit a social security number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), and employment status or income proof. With an ITIN number, non-US citizens can get this card.


  • No deposit required
  • Free from annual, monthly & foreign transaction charges
  • Cashback and rewards (1-10%)
  • No membership fee
  • Limited/No credit history 
  • Higher credit limit
  • Partnership with multiple merchants
  • No late fee


  • Higher APR
  • No benefit from “Introductory APR.”
  • Not for all 
  • No balance transfer
  • No cash advance

3. Prosper Card

Prosper Credit Card

If you prefer or can afford autopay monthly bills, then this can be a good investment idea. Prosper card has a higher limit even- it is one of the Unsecured cards for bad credit. With your fair credit score between 300-669, you can secure a $500-$3000 credit limit. Not just that, it will facilitate your automatic credit limit increase with the timely payment of your monthly due. If you can’t activate autopay before the initial month statement, it will cost you $39. Otherwise, you can reserve a $0 annual fee feature for the first year. There is no eligible or non-eligible purchases cashback or rewards system. It may hit your interest with the card. 

Furthermore, the potentially higher interest rate starting from 22.74% to 33.74%, can make you more worried about your selection for this card. Indeed, it is a good way to increase your credit score. To deal with it efficiently, spend under credit utilization rate with full settlement of the monthly due payment. Currently, the card service is not available for PNC banking customers. Hope for change in the future. When you apply, there is no hard inquiry for your credit history or score to send the approved report on your mail id. As a cause, you don’t have to work on your credit score again because there is no drop even a single point. 

Prosper card has a link with TransUnion to share your debt information. Each month information will get analyzed and reflected on your credit report. The report will include your timely payment or even low credit utilization when you fear not spending more because of higher APR or no rewards to adjust your bill amount. You can source the TransUnion credit report from any official credit monitoring website as Prosper card doesn’t facilitate this service. With zero fraud Liability for unauthorized purchases, Coastal Community Bank (a Member of FDIC, Mastercard International Licensed), issues this Smart chip and signature card. 


  • No security deposit 
  • Fair credit approval
  • The application doesn’t affect credit
  • Reporting to credit bureau Transunion
  • Autopay system acceptance
  • 0$ annual fee for the first year of autopay
  • No cash advance fee
  • Speedy Application
  • Credit limit increase
  • Foreign transactions available


  • Higher APR
  • Higher Cash advance APR
  • No bonus, reward, or cashback
  • $39 annual fee
  • No intro offers and welcome bonus
  • Membership fee
  • Foreign fee

4. Total Visa Card

Total visa card

Total Visa Credit Card is also one of the best Unsecured credit cards for bad credit among the others on this list. Anyone above 18 years and stable higher income can apply for the Total Visa card with a credit score from 300-669. Yes, it will go through the complete verification process- so there is no cent percent guarantee for the credit card approval. Moreover, it definitely contributes to high approval odds for most of its applicants. You can instantly get a credit card without any security deposit for your line of credit or credit limit. You can count it as an expensive card because of the one-time program fee of $89 while opening the new account. 

Furthermore, you are liable to pay $75 for the first year and $48 afterward as an annual fee, 0$ for the first year, and $6.25 for the upcoming year as a monthly fee. In this expensive card statement, it is good to add a higher APR of 34.99% on all purchases with a credit limit of $300. Like Credit One Bank Platinum Visa, it deducts a $75 annual fee and allows you only $225 for spending. It is really an expensive card to meet your financial requirements with only $225 or $300. Most probably- it will not satisfy your requirement. Instead, it will cause a burden on your pocket. However, if you can handle these charges because of well-settled income sources and want to create a credit history, you can undoubtedly apply for the card. 

You don’t have a choice to restrain the charges. However, it allows you to decide the design of your card from its specific options gallery. These options or designs are of dogs, flowers, cats, An American Flag, and a beach scene. It competently builds your credit score- because it shares your account information per month with three credit bureaus. You can review the report for your timely payment performance and spending according to the credit utilization rate.


  • No Security deposit
  • Instant approval
  • Bad credit Qualification
  • Credit limit increase


  • Monthly fee
  • Higher APR
  • Rewards and cashback
  • Annual fee

5. Petal 1 Visa Credit Card

Petal 1 Visa Credit Card

This card resolves your financial stress with a $300-$5000 credit limit with limited or bad credit. You can easily switch from a refundable fixed amount security deposit secured credit card. Petal 1 Visa credit card is best in unsecured cards for bad credit which allows non-US citizens to without, Social security number. However, they would have to deal with 23.74%-33.24% APR with no balance transfer because of fair credit and the limited history available against your name. The cash is expensive however, it is relaxing to get 2 to 10% cashback from the selected merchants. 


  • No security deposit
  • No annual fee
  • Foreign transaction fee free
  • Cashback and rewards


  • Regular APR
  • No balance transfer & cash advance

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 What are the best Unsecured credit cards for bad credit?

  1. Credit One Bank Platinum VISA to Rebuild the Credit
  2. Petal 2 Cash Back, No Fees Visa Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit
  3. Capital One Platinum Credit Card
  4. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
  5. Discover it Student Cash Back
  6. AvantCard Credit Card

Q.2 How to apply for an unsecured credit card with bad credit?

  • First, finalize the best card for you and apply for it by visiting the authorized web address of the credit card company. 
  • You can also download the mobile app to register for the credit card application for unsecured cards for bad credit.
  • In the application, you can fill out the full name, income & expense details, credit score information, residential address, email address, and SSN.
  • The credit card issuer will verify your details within the prescribed time and send you approved and unapproved reports against your application. 

Q.3 How to get approved for an unsecured $1,000 credit limit card with bad credit?

You can get approved for an Unsecured $1000 credit limit card with bad credit with the following methods. 

  1. Bank statement to show your creditworthiness
  2. Repayment capacity on time
  3. Higher-income sources
  4. Balance income and expenditure statement
  5. Down payment for the desired limit approval

Should You Go With These Credit Cards?

We have gone through various factors above including fees, approval odds, terms and conditions, APR, rewards and cashback, annual fees, and more, to recommend Unsecured credit cards for bad credit. To follow the standard of the full credit report, you have to mend your bad repayment habits. You can do this with the reduction of your expenses and usage of your card under the credit utilization rate. For any queries and suggestions, you can always get back to us.

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