A Global Challenge: Can We Achieve Financial Inclusion by 2020?

A Global Challenge Can We Achieve Financial Inclusion by 2020

Financial Inclusion is one of the biggest factors for the world economy as more than 2.5 million people around the world are unbanked and devoided of basic financial services. Financial inclusion is necessary for all sectors including the public and private sectors. The reason for the financial exclusion happening is mostly because of poverty, reachability, … Read more

Picking Winners in the Great Remittance Disruption

Picking Winners in the Great Remittance Disruption

Remittances are the money or goods sent back home by migrant workers living in a foreign country. It is a fast-growing channel of payment that affects a country in various ways. Remittance flows are important to maintain economic stability and generate foreign exchange. However, the method of getting the money to family and friends is … Read more

Ley Moratoria (Moratorium Law) Passes in Nicaragua

ley moratoria moratorium law passes in nicaragua

From the time of massive globalization, especially after the 1990s, from 2004 to 2008, the microfinance industry had witnessed unprecedented growth since its founding in the 1980s by a Ph.D. scholar who opened a bank in Bangladesh, which doled out loans in small amounts and short interest. The microfinance industry has enabled over a billion … Read more

China’s Microfinance Landscape: Nonprofits, Microcredit Companies, Rural Financers, and Alibaba

China’s Microfinance Landscape Nonprofits, Microcredit Companies, Rural Financers, and Alibaba

China has started to shift the paradigm within the microfinance fraternity. Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) opened its new branch in rural China in a village called Hubei on the 13th of December. The microfinance industry has expanded so much that it has stirred up conversations among prominent names in the private equity industry. … Read more

Technology Roll-Out, Mobile Savings and Credit Investing in Microinsurance—An Insight Into The Microfinance Industry

An Insight Into The Microfinance Industry

The Microfinance global market was valued to be at US $178.84 billion during the COVID-19 crisis during the year 2020. As of 2022, the current market value has increased to US $207 billion and is estimated to reach US $394.8 billion by the year 2028 with an expansion of 13.8% in CAGR. However, the Microfinance … Read more

Fostering Responsible Finance in Myanmar’s Infant Industry

Fostering Responsible Finance in Myanmar’s Infant Industry

On 1st February 2011, the Myanmar military swept away power from the democratically elected government, imposing military rule. The military did away with most democratic rights, including free speech and assembly. The army also misused its power and arrested all democratically elected representatives and other human rights violations, including violently suppressing protests and assemblies.  However, … Read more

Juntos Harnesses Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Engagement for BBVA Bancomer and Bancolombia

Customer Engagement With AI for BBVA

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has advanced to such a stage that it can now be used to write essays, make-up songs, and even converse with people. Many high-tech companies are using this feature to engage AI in customer service.  Recently, Juntos, a fintech startup, has developed AI for customer engagement and product usage. This technology is … Read more

Fifty-Eight Percent of Women in India Report Difficulty Accessing Credit, Savings, or Jobs Because of their Gender

Challenges Women Face in Accessing Savings or Jobs

Even though there has been a lot of development in India, and people are changing their mentality, the issue of the gender gap and financial inclusion is still there. Women still face challenges while accessing jobs, savings, or credit. No matter how educated or talented a woman is, it can still be difficult for her … Read more