Want Emergency Cash Immediately? Get Urgent Loans For Bad Credit

Financial emergencies don’t knock on your door before coming. There can be times when an emergency comes but you don’t have money and you need emergency cash immediately. You might have lost your jobs, or might be facing some medical emergency or some big expense might have arisen out of nowhere. If you’re facing any such issues and we got you covered, here we’re going to tell you some ways by which you can get emergency cash immediately even with bad credit.

As per reports, around 43% of Americans don’t have any emergency funds and some have less than $1000 in their emergency fund. You should always save a certain percentage of your income for your emergency fund and you should keep it in a different bank account or somewhere else in cash so that you have some money for emergencies.

I Need Emergency Money Now, How Can I Get it?

But in case you don’t have any pre-funds and you need emergency cash immediately, there are many options available in the market which provide you a loan without checking your credit, you can check out the list given below for the best options.

  • Money Borrow Apps

Money Borrow Apps

There are many money-borrow apps that provide you emergency cash immediately, they have very low-interest rates and provide emergency same day loans. Some of these apps don’t even check your credit before giving you money, so even if you have bad credit, you can get emergency cash immediately from these apps.


  • Provide emergency same day loans.
  • Interest rates are usually low.
  • Provide loans even with bad credit.


  • Very less time is given for repayment.
  • They provide a very little amount.
  • Small Personal Loans

Small Personal Loans for situations when you want emergency cash immediately

Small personal loans are provided to the customers for a short period of time to meet their needs. You can get these loans from banks or credit unions when you need money now. For these loans, you have to file a loan request in the bank and if your request is approved then you can get a loan from the bank after completing all the paperwork.


  • Interest rates are lower as compared to emergency cash immediately bad credit direct lender.
  • The organization giving you the loan is trusted so there are no chances of fraud.


  • Lengthy paperwork.
  • Might not provide you emergency cash immediately because of the approval process.


  • PayDay Loans

PayDay Loans

These loans have gotten so much popularity in recent times, nowadays many people go for payday loans instead of traditional bank loans or credit cards because of the fast procedure of payday loans and their capability to provide emergency cash immediately. 


  • Easy process
  • Faster Loans


  • Higher fees & extra charges
  • Higher interest rates.


  • Credit Card

Emergency cash immediately from Credit Card

If you already have a credit card then you can get your emergency cash immediately from your credit card. As per reports, around 16% of Americans prefer to rely on credit cards for their emergency needs and not only in America but worldwide, many people use credit cards because they’re easily available and are very easy to use. Even you can also get unsecured credit cards if you have a bad credit score.


  • Provide emergency cash immediately.
  • Easy to use and easily available.


  • Most of them don’t have a grace period for repayment.
  • Credit matters for most of them. 

Additional Ways To Get Emergency Cash!!

  • Emergency Cash Loans Direct Lender

Emergency Cash Loans Direct Lender

You can contact the lenders directly or through apps like PayDaySay and ask if they can give you a loan, but before deciding to go for a particular lender, check all the important things like their terms and conditions, their interest rate, are there any hidden charges etc. And after seeing all these things, see which lender goes best with you and then make the final call. Here you can get emergency cash immediately and bad credit if you are able to find the perfect lender for yourself.

  • Direct Express Emergency Cash

Direct Express Emergency Cash

You can get this emergency cash immediately if you have some kind of income benefit, if not proper income, be that disability benefits or welfare benefits. Here the creditors will be assured that you can repay the taken money so they’ll issue a direct express emergency money advance. 

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  • Friends and Family

Friends and family for emergency cash immediately

If nothing, don’t forget that friends and family always got your back. You might feel a little embarrassed but you can go to your friends and family to ask for money. Just make sure that you don’t take it for granted and that you don’t make it a habit. Also return them the money as soon as you can. 

Final Say

You should always have a savings account or emergency fund to meet your emergency needs but if you don’t have one and you have bad credit then there are the above options available to you and you can choose any of them as per your requirements but don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions before taking the emergency cash immediately. 

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How to get emergency loans with bad credit?

If you need emergency cash immediately but you have bad credit then you can go for borrow money apps. They do not check your credit if you need a small amount of money but if you need a larger sum of money then you can either go for a personal loan or payday loan according to your need. If you already have a credit card then you can use your credit card as well. 

Q2- How to get emergency cash from direct express?

If you don’t have a regular income and you want to get emergency cash immediately from direct express, you must have some kind of income or monetary benefit, it can be anything like a welfare benefit or disability benefit. If the creditors are satisfied that you can repay the taken money then they’ll approve your direct express loan. 

Q3- How to get cash in an emergency?

It totally depends on the amount of money you need and your credit. If you have a good credit score there are various options available for you but if your credit is not good then you can go for options like personal loans, borrowing money apps or direct lenders.

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