Borrow Money Apps: Get Your Money Loan in Minutes (Expert Analysis)

There can be times when you need money but you don’t have it, going to the bank and applying for a loan is a lengthy process and takes weeks to complete and all you think about it, where can I borrow money ASAP, that’s where to borrow money apps come into the picture. 

The best part about these borrow money apps is that they loan you money instantly, you don’t have to wait for weeks, go to the bank again and again and get jammed in paperwork. All you need is your phone or laptop and you can borrow money from the comfort of your home. 

Best Borrow Money Apps for 2022

As per our research, these are the best apps for borrowing money in 2022, follow our list for a detailed description of these apps with their positives and negatives.

1. Dave

Dave Borrow Money Apps

This is an amazing app for meeting your financial needs, all you need to do is to connect your active bank account to this app. This app not only lends you money but also has budgeting tools so that you can plan your things as per your budget.

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There are also $1 monthly subscription fees for this app.


  • This app does not check your credit or credit score before lending.
  • Zero interest rate.


  • You’ll have to pay extra fee of $4.99 if you want money on the same day.
  • Doesn’t improve your credit score.
  • You’ll only get a total loan of $100, nothing more than that.

2. MoneyLion

This is another borrow money app that loans you money up to $250 and comes with two kinds of subscriptions, core and plus. Core membership allows you to borrow money without any charges or fees.

MoneyLion App


  • Zero interest charges for core members.
  • No credit check.
  • Your credit score doesn’t matter.


  • Doesn’t improve your credit rating.
  • Plus membership amounts to a $28 fee.

3. Viva PayDay Loans

The name itself signifies that this app lends you money in case you need to borrow money instantly until your payday. They offer up to $5,000 of money.


  • They offer up to $5,000 money for lending.
  • They provide money the same day.


  • They don’t provide services in some states.

4. Earnin

This is a quick and easy money borrow app. This is an app that loans you money and you can automatically pay it back on your next salary day.

Earnin App


  • Automatic credit and withdrawal.
  • No interest rate.


  • If you’re unemployed, it won’t work for you.
  • Only pays an amount of up to $100

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5. Credit Clock

This is another borrow money app that offers up to $1000 of amount. Their process of providing loans is extremely fast and provides funding on the same day.


  • Provides an amount of up to $1000.
  • Same-day funding.
  • Repayment period from 3-6 months.


  • They have some additional criteria.

6. PayDaySay

This app has a large database and it directly connects customers and creditors. The repayment time can be up to 2 years depending upon the creditor and customer.

PayDaySay App


  • It doesn’t check your credit.
  • This app is comparatively more secure than others as it has the complete details of both creditors and customers.


  • This app is not a direct creditor but only a link between creditors and customers.

7. Very Merry Loans

This is another amazing app for instant money borrowing. Once you register on their app, they connect you with lenders who can lend you money on the very same day.

Very Merry Loans App


  • They don’t have any registration fees.
  • Same-day funding.


  • They’re not direct lenders.

Last Say

There are many apps available on the internet from which you can borrow money instantly to meet your needs and the best thing about these apps are that they provide instant loans and have no or very fewer interest rates. The speed and flexibility of these apps make them more useful for customers.


Q1. Can I get a loan without going to the bank?

The answer to this question is yes, now there are so many apps on the internet which provide you loans and you can simply borrow money with the help of your laptop or mobile from the comfort of your home.

Q2. Where can I borrow $100 instantly?

There are many borrow money apps that loan you money instantly but if you only need an amount of up to $100 then Earnin is a better option as it provides an amount of up to $100 and has no interest rate.

Q3. Where can I borrow money fast?

All the money borrow apps are very fast these days and provide instant loans but if you want the process to be faster then credit clock would be the best option for you, as their process is comparatively faster than other apps and they provide same-day funding.

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