What Happens if the Blockchain Breaks?

What Happens If The Blockchain Breaks

Blockchains are now being extensively used in the financial industry to store and record information. They are mostly used in the records of digital transactions of cryptocurrency, but it is also used in real estate, health, supply chain management, logistics, distributed energy resources, retail, and many other industries where they need to maintain a strict … Read more

The Politics Behind Mobile Money in Ethiopia

The Politics Behind Mobile Money in Ethiopia

It is no doubt that mobile money services in Africa have increased to a great extent. After the mobile revolution which was led by Kenya, the country had seen massive growth in mobile money services. Most people didn’t have a bank account and would follow informal ways to transact money, but with the introduction of … Read more

Building Trust and Growing Digital Financial Services: A Look at JUMO

Building Trust and Growing Digital Financial Services A Look at JUMO

In the world of finances, the application of digital solutions in all its departments has completely changed how financial products are marketed, developed, and used by customers. This shift in financial services is received with caution by the customers. As it deals with people’s hard-earned income, they have reservations about where and how they invest … Read more

Financial Literacy And Professional Athletes

Financial Literacy and Professional Athletes

Athletes get into sports clubs at a very young age, and most of them do not even complete their formal education. They will not know about our financial services and its products. Financial literacy is a big problem and professional athletes face a financial crisis after their retirement. When they are at the peak of … Read more

How Does Innovation Happen in the Financial Inclusion Movement and Elsewhere?

How Does Innovation Happen in the Financial Inclusion Movement

According to multiple research around the globe, a unanimous verdict has been passed that we should stop trying to save the world. It may seem like a good idea initially. Still, the reality is nuanced and filled with many obstacles, with multiple resource access failures and infrastructure incapacity that needs to be addressed before anyone … Read more

Digital Credit in Africa: Are Nano Loans Safe for Consumers?

Digital Credit in Africa Are Nano Loans Safe for Consumers

Nowadays, digital credit is crucial for small business operations as various SMEs provide offers, which can be essential for creating the base of global economies. Especially in the context of developing countries, digital credit can bring in a lot of financial access to all the poor sections of the population. With specific lenders like M-Pawa, … Read more

What Is “Financial Capability?”

What Is Financial Capability

The word “financial capability” was said multiple times in the Financial Inclusion 2020 London, by speakers who were giving solutions to eradicate poverty through financial inclusion. However, there is no clear definition of financial capability. Some say it is how well you manage money on a day-to-day basis, but there is no concrete definition to … Read more

G2P and Gender: When Will Pakistani Women Be Able to Withdraw Their Own Money?

When Will Pakistani Women Be Able to Withdraw Their Own Money

The state of financial inclusion has improved a lot over the past few decades due to the cumulative effort of many countries and international organizations around the globe. In fact, there are many institutions that are working on a global scale to identify critical regions that need to increase their rate of financial inclusion and … Read more